deHOSTED NoSpamProxy Encryption as central end-to-end email encryption.

Encrypt and sign e-mails EU DSGVO compliant. Protect your corporate communication from fraudsters, counterfeiters, and espionage with a solution package consisting of Microsoft Exchange and NoSpamProxy Encryption.

Send/receive emails GDPR compliant

Ensuring the level of protection required by the GDPR during the transmission of personal data via email.

Flexible certificate and key management

Based on the public key infrastructure (PKI), e-mail encryption and digital signatures are implemented centrally using S/MIME.

Simple and secure encryption solution

Device-independent, secure transmission of e-mails and documents, which does not place any special requirements on the recipient.

Protection against industrial espionage

Industrial espionage, government spy programs, or similar threats the e-mail communication. This a serious problem for all those who use email use in business. deHOSTED NoSpamProxy Encryption in combination with deHOSTED Exchange provides effective protection sensitive content from emails. If data is intercepted during transport, it cannot be read by the attacker. In addition, your business secrets are only legally recognized as such under the Business Secrets Act (GeschGehG) if they are protected by encryption.


Protection against industrial espionage through e-mail encryption
Constitutional judge Germany

A worry-free email communication

Use deHOSTED NoSpamProxy Encryption to protect yourself against high fines and personal liability as a managing director in the event of violations of the GDPR. With the deHOSTED NoSpamProxy encryption solution, you permanently protect all personal data during electronic transmission by e-mail. At the same time, you ensure compliance with law and order within the company on a permanent basis. All security procedures used by the company remain intact and traceable through permanent logging and monitoring.



deHOSTED ist ein Versprechen.

All the advantages of deHOSTED NoSpamProxy Encryption at a glance.

Legally compliant.

The legal requirements are met automatically - you don't have to worry about a thing.


E-mail traffic with your business partners is 100% secured to ensure smooth and protected communication.

Highest security.

Encrypted email content cannot be read by third parties.


E-mail encryption takes place automatically and completely without any additional effort in the background.

Management & Access.

Straightforward introduction and simple operation. Users can encrypt emails directly from Outlook.

More economical use.

Avoid penalties and unnecessary costs due to complex manual management of end devices and certificate management.


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