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Support plans




Basic Plus



Monthly charges

* Included in deHOSTED products.

€ 99,99*

per month

€ 229,99*

per month

€ 599,99*

per month
Transmission of questions about accounting via the ticket system
Transmission of service disruptions (Trouble) via the ticket system
Transmission of service disruptions (Trouble) via telephone hotline  
Support in the analysis of product-specific problems with client applications  
Support bei der Analyse von produktspezifischen Client-Log-Files    
Support to fix problems (24/7) During business hours During business hours
Kürzeste Support Antwortzeit < 8 hours < 6 hours < 4 hours < 2 hours
Support Ticket System1

(Billing based on ticket / incident / severity)
Single incident 2 incidents per month free 5 incidents per month free 25 incidents per month free
Telephone support (callback)     5 per month 25 per month
Priority processing      
Escalation phone      
Local support Available from certified partners Available from certified partners Available from certified partners Available from certified partners

1 Available during business hours in English, around the clock for German.

Version: 01.07.2021

* All prices are exclusive of statutory VAT. The General terms and conditions always apply.

Scope of support

Support for issues related to billing and subscription management, and support for resolving issues, is available on all support plans. Problems to be resolved are problems that customers encounter during the standard use of deHOSTED Cloud Services for which there is reason to assume that the problem was caused by NetTask or the respective software manufacturer. Developer guidance and assistance and consulting services are only available for the Standard and Professional support plans.

Included products and services::

  • deHOSTED Services released for general availability and purchased via NetTask Online * are covered by all support plans.

Vorfall basierte professionelle Unterstützung.

  Price severity level C Price severity level B Price severity level A Business hours
Professional support
Single incident
€ 85 + VAT for an incident Incident € 159 + VAT for one incident € 255 + VAT for an incident Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Business critical
After-hours support
Single incident
€ 169 + VAT for an incident € 318 + VAT for an incident € 510 + VAT for an incident Outside normal business hours,
on weekends and public holidays
Severity Type of problem Response time
Severity A Critical impact on the business environment First reaction within 2 hours
Severity B Little impact on the business environment Initial response within 4 hours during business hours
Severity C Minimal impact on the business environment Initial response within 8 hours during business hours

An incident with severity A (Failure of a service or an application or a failure that causes a critical work interruption) is transmitted, a response will be made within two hours. The support works around the clock until it is resolved. Severity A incidents require that your organization's employees may be available 24/7 to work on the problem until a solution is found. Issues submitted with severity B or C will be handled during normal business hours.

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