We are your cloud service provider for modern work.

With digitization, we are witnessing the greatest change in the world of work since the industrial revolution.

Experience how our vision of a modern working environment can become a reality for you.

Modern working.

The world of work is becoming more and more flexible and cooperative.

We support you to implement the requirements of modern knowledge through our many years of professional competence.

Protect your data.

Safety First: Data, whether personal or, for example, important research results, is the most valuable resource for companies.

We store and process all data exclusively in Germany according to German law, this is our first priority.

Dive with us into the world of modern work.

Digitization affects almost every company regardless of location and industry.

Learn how companies and employees can benefit from the use of deHOSTED solutions from the digitization of their work environment.

Revolutionary work with

HXA Cube.

The Internet of Things and the all-encompassing network are driving the modernization of our work processes steadily. So far in the market as newly propagated workplace concepts are already more than 60 years old and have only been slightly modified.

A unique system - tailored to the use of the latest technologies opens up the possibilities of a new   agile office era.

NetTask introduces itself.

NetTask has been providing cloud solutions to the European market since 2007. During the last ten years, we have developed a widely acknowledged reputation in the cloud market throughout Europe. Our solutions are designed to meet your preplanned budget and your objectives to have a modern and more productive and collaborative business.

Customers they love us.

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