We are passionate and love what we do.

you are looking for a rewarding experience with a rising star in the cloud industry while joining an exciting and challenging work environment, if you have the passion to solve complex problems, if you have an entrepreneurial mindset then we would like to hear from you.

Grow with NetTask.

NetTask is a dynamic company with a group of passionate and motivated professionals people coming from a range of diverse backgrounds.

We are committed to providing unmatched customer service, comprehensive network support, and innovative IT solutions.

We offer our teams an exciting and challenging environment so they are able to quickly and easily respond to client needs and requirements as well as take decisions that will have an impact on the company.

We value independence of thought, learning and action. We also like to see passion for technology and for helping others.
Our main strength is our ability to adapt and find new areas of growth potential therefore we are looking for people whose passion and innovation will keep us on the cutting edge of technological development.

What awaits you here.

Young and Supportive team



you will be surrounded with young, highly-motivated, passionate friends, peers and a network (fellows) that will help you move your life and future career to a new level.

Motivating, collaborative and open workspace


We believe in the philosophy of open collaborative workspace. Everyone is approachable, no matter their seniority, and there are no or secretaries; everyone answers their own calls and emails.

Learning Opportunities at Every Corner

We want our people to think differently therefore we focus on creating a workplace that encourages continuous learning and development through knowledge and information sharing among teams and individuals.

Free snacks & coffee

Together as one team, we share knowledge, we drink copious amounts of coffee, we brainstorm nonstop and we laugh a lot.

Voices from our team.

At NetTask, I can integrate my ideas, work on many exciting subjects, and as a team, we are constantly on the cutting edge and experience the latest technology.

Elli Bauer, Trainee Administration and Marketing

Our team communicates across all areas of the company. Everyone becomes cordially recorded and receives the help he needs, no matter from which department, whether support, sales or development.

Christian Clausner, Manager Technical Services

We answer questions.