Workplace and room booking redefined.

The HXA Sparo App stands for a unique solution that optimally complements the Microsoft 365 as well as the Microsoft OnPremise ecosystem in the area of resource planning and booking and defines a new standard.

Microsoft 365 - Exchange Online

Seamlessly integrated into Microsoft 365 - Exchange Online, HXA Sparo revolutionizes the booking of rooms and workspaces. Completely without data storage in the app or on servers – everything runs directly in your familiar Microsoft 365 ecosystem. Enjoy a booking experience that combines security and efficiency while you retain full control over your data. Discover a world with HXA Sparo where convenience and the highest data security go hand in hand.

Microsoft Workspace support

Discover a new dimension in workplace design that redefines flexibility and efficiency in space planning. Our solution broadens the scope by incorporating 'workspaces' alongside traditional spaces, supporting a versatile approach to how we use our environments. Immerse yourself in a setting that seamlessly adapts to the dynamic needs of your organization, allowing you to navigate the design of your office with elegance. Stay always aligned with your requirements and consistently one step ahead.

Efficient resource planning

HXA Sparo takes the booking experience to a new dimension by redefining traditional calendar usage. Designed specifically for resource planning, HXA Sparo offers an intuitive and user-centered experience. Imagine every workspace booking made with unparalleled simplicity, perfectly tailored to employee needs. Welcome to the future of efficient office organization, where every click counts.

Experience the flexibility of HXA Sparo at your fingertips.

The fastest way to book your resources.

With the HXA Sparo app you can quickly and easily book resources such as workstations, meeting rooms, parking spaces, e-charging stations and much more.

A unique app - tailored to the use of the latest Microsoft technologies opens up the possibilities of a new agile office era.

HXA Sparo - Web App

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HXA Sparo - My booking overview

State-of-the-art graphical resource management based on the popular Microsoft 365 Services.

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