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HXA Smart Glass - More privacy for your meetings.

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Private meetings thanks to switchable glazing of existing meeting rooms. Easy to use and direct connection to the smart office automation HXA Environment Control.

Ultimate privacy.

HXA Smart Glass allows you to work in a quiet environment or provide the privacy you need for a meeting. Panes or glass doors can be switched from transparent to matte in seconds.

Inconspicuous & Smart.

A film just 2 millimeters thick that transforms an entire room into a private area. Redesign your rooms. 

Perfect control.

Our IoT based automation system allows you to control their room environment including lighting, heating, cooling, dimming and ventilation or any other room equipment such as a projector.

Projection in the window.

Smart glass is suitable for displaying projections within a pane and as a result can be used accordingly as a projection surface in meeting rooms or modern furniture.

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