The Room Booking System that help you to reduce costs.

HXA Room Calendar Display System.

Roombooking System in a office corridor

Managing, Booking and Organizing Meetings is now Fast and Simple.

HXA room calendar system integrates cloud technology with the features and simplicity of Outlook® calendar and Office 365. A comprehensive, fast and simple system coming over the challenges of various bookings’ configurations, errors and difficulties in scheduling meetings or finding available meeting rooms.

Introducing HXA room calendar system will support you in managing your meeting rooms leading to better resource usage and energy consumption and helps really to reduce the costs.

The best tools for your room management.

One System for All.

Instead of using several different systems to manage your meetings as normal, our room manager introduces one efficient meetings managing, scheduling and booking system that makes this routine activity more modern, fast and simple.


Live our unique Out-of-the-Box experience starting from opening the box. A fully configured, licensed and operational system. Just plug and play!

Smart App.

Instant booking, finding and scheduling of meeting rooms along with many other associated services from a single, user-friendly interface available on your tablet or smartphone.

Anytime, anywhere.

Cloud technology allows you can to book your meetings, integrating them with the meeting room calendar so your calendar events are always Instantly synchronized.


Easy connect to Microsoft exchange and office 365 whether used to indicate availability, booking meetings or managing meeting rooms in the company.

Windows 10 Pro.

Using Windows 10 as foundation to run our interactive apps has introduced an enhanced security to the system being the most secure Windows ever.

Standing or on the Wall.

Improve the utilization of your space by using the system on the wall outside the meeting room or even on a separate elegant holding stand.

Made in Germany.

Made in Germany has become a seal of quality and has stood for reliability, durability, and energetic innovation for decades. Our products rely on high quality standards.

Book in seconds Straight from the screen.

The eye-catching screen shows instant room availability and upcoming meetings allowing the booking to be done just 2 clicks using features like instant booking, auto time slot allocation and many more.

Room manager as floor stand

Elegant 8,9 inch Touch Screen.

With this HD touch screen, everything is at your fingertips. A simple-to-navigate display with 1.83 GHz Quad core processor, 32GB memory and 2GB DDR3 RAM. Long-lasting battery with Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connectivity without any extra equipment needed.

Reduce your cost by saving time.

Your Employees are spending on average up to 5 hours a week trying to organize and schedule meetings. Your meeting rooms are only 36% in use, which means 5 hours of wasted time each day. With our Modern and Elegant Booking System, you can save time and optimally use your company resources. Our Room Booking System helps to reduce costs and work more efficiently and smart.

One Room Booking System for all.

Our customers love it.

In our large business complex, where there are many meeting rooms and meeting pods, it is usually difficult to keep track of which rooms are free. That's why we use the HXA Room Calendar System to schedule meetings and workshops in our offices.

10 Reasons why you have to use our HXA Room Calendar Display System

Stress-less meetings starts with perfect preparation. Do not leave anything to chance. An intuitive room manager helps you to use your rooms smoothly.

Roombooking features.
Plug and Play System.
Great interface to show the calendar of each room.
Quick booking functionality directly from the touch display.
Activatable check-in / check-out functionality.
Planned booking from Microsoft Exchange/Office 365.
Auto scheduling to the next possible time (for quick events).
Shows the Name of the Room on the display.
Possibility of branding the system interface with customer‘s logo.
Statusbar to show the availability of the room.
Sync with Microsoft Exchange and Office 365.

Just one question left.

Floor stand or on the wall?

HXA Room Calendar Display System Wall

929,- € exkl. MwSt.

  • 8,9 Zoll Touchscreen
  • WLAN / Bluetooth
  • Windows 10 Pro
  • Wall mount
  • Includes 3 years HXA Room Calendar App license and all updates as well as calendar connection to deHOSTED Exchange, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office 365
  • Dimensions BxHxT: 30cm x 15,5cm x 2cm

HXA Room Calendar Display System Stand

1099,- € exkl. MwSt.

  • 8,9 Zoll Touchscreen
  • WLAN / Bluetooth
  • Windows 10 Pro
  • Floor stand
  • Includes 3 years HXA Room Calendar App license and all updates as well as calendar connection to deHOSTED Exchange, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office 365
  • Dimensions BxHxT: 27cm x 122cm x 27cm

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