HXA Room Calendar Display App - Plan meeting rooms and resources more efficiently.

Each room is a valuable resource. For this reason, our system allows more efficient use of your premises during meetings or mobile working.This leads to a better workflow at the same time it reduces energy consumption and costs.

HXA Room Calendar Display App

Unique Features.

One app to plan your rooms and ressources intelligent.

Easy overview of availability and
Upcoming occupancy of rooms.

No booking errors or double bookings
Through intelligent resource planning

100% integrative from
Microsoft Exchange
2013 as well as Office 365

Save time
with the help
of perfect overview.

Room booking is easy & fast.

Meetings booked in seconds.

Time-saving, simple and user-friendly interface.

A unique name can be assigned to each room.

Choose the duration of your meetings with only two
clicks - 15, 30, 45, 60 or120 minutes

HXA Room Calendar Display App meets

HXA Cube.

The Internet of Things and the all-encompassing networking drive the modernization of our methods of work steadily. Until now in the market as newly propagated workplace concepts are already more than 60 years old and have only been slightly modified.

A unique system - tailored to the use of state-of-the-art technologies opens up the possibilities of a new agile office era.

HXA Room Calender Display App 30 Days free trail.

Book and manage your meeting rooms via an HXA IoT display or tablet and smartphone - modern, simple and fast. Do not waste time by planning errors or non-availability of the room.

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