HXA Systems.

Creative solutions for increasing productivity,enhancing business security and supporting mobile management

Introducing the era of modern workplace.

A new hybrid concept combining the advantages of private and open workplace, integrating the latest Cloud and IoT technologies ensuring a smart, mobile and noise isolated workspace that stimulates innovation. This new concept is supported with a room environment control system adding elegance, convenience to your workplace whilst simultaneously improving productivity and saving energy through advanced occupancy based control strategies and modern optimization techniques.

To even support the organization of your workplace, a room calendar system stands as a modern solution for organizing meetings as well as managing meeting rooms. A system that makes the process of booking and meeting scheduling simpler and more efficient. All HXA system are supported with fascinating apps available on different platforms turning relatively time consuming tasks into a few button presses, all while looking sleek. Be modern, save time and minimize operating costs with HXA Modern workplace solutions

Revolutionary meetings with

HXA Cube.

A mobile room that combines advanced IoT-cloud technologies with an innovative design. A noise isolated room space that is integrated with automation technologies allowing ultimate control over the room environment. The integrated calendar system makes it a smart meeting room through simple and modern meeting management processes. A unique solution for limited space, meetings ‘challenges and a workplace that stimulates innovation whether used in open space offices as a private office, as meeting room or as a relaxing space

HXA Cube and HXA Desk

HXA Room Calender

Book and manage your meeting rooms via an HXA IoT display or tablet and smartphone - modern, simple and fast. Do not waste time by planning errors or non-availability of the room.

“ HXA Systems is a symbiosis of powerful IoT, Microsoft Windows platform and the spectacular idea of shaping the workplace of future “

Rene Kammer, Senior Technology Evangelist for Skype for Business

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