Ever wanted a place that goes beyond the ordinary?

A room space that presents the modernity of your enterprise and helps you create innovation in your workplace through its automated environment or through the integrated calendar system coming over the challenges of meetings including booking the meeting space and managing the overall meeting process. All in a noiseless private space.

A smart mobile room space with a unique design.

Imagine a mobile and noise isolated room space that it is integrated with the latest IoT technologies and can be quickly and easily integrated to your current workplace. A modern and revolutionary solution that Introduces privacy to open workspace and resolves the problem of lack of space.

A smart and modular room with a calendar system for organizing meetings and an Intelligent automation system for controlling the room environment achieving the highest levels of comfort for occupants, saving time, energy and enhancing productivity whether used as an office, meeting room or as a relaxing and thinking space. A Perfect solution for those building a new workplace or undertaking a remodel.

Revolution for your Meetings.

HXA Cube - Design and Technologie combined.

Environment Control System.

An advanced automation system using IoT that allows you not only to control the room environment and other room equipments through Speech recognition or with the touch of a button on the app but also to save energy using advanced optimization techniques. The ability of adjusting air quality achieving the highest levels of comfort for occupants and increasing the productivity of employees using occupancy based control strategies results in a modern automated environment that is impressive for your clients or employees.

Ultimate Privacy.

Wether it is used as a private office, meeting room or relaxation space, ensuring the utmost privacy was our aim, therefore HXA cube has been equipped with a switchable smart glass allowing you to switch between opaque and transparent mode in just a blink. Contact us if you are interested in introducing this particular technology to your current workplace.

Extraordinary presentations.

Whether for selling product, presenting ideas, for training purposes, or to motivate the audience, deliver outstanding presentations with the internal HXA cube interactive glass technology
or over an automatic role. An experience that will reflect the modernity of your organization.


Various room configurations allow a wide range of applications. The HXA Cube can be simply transformed as a working or meeting room by pushing the button.

Room Calendar App.

The process of booking and managing your meetings becomes efficient, simple and fast eliminating scheduling mistakes or room availability errors. The Display of HXA cube shows instant room availability and upcoming meetings of the room allowing the booking to be done just 2 clicks. It also adapts the employee work status avoiding interruptions which results in overall increased productivity.

All supported with a simple and user-friendly app that gives the ability to find available meeting room, or even scheduling and monitoring meetings through an immediate synchronization with your own calendar.

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Easy and quickness of integration.

Through its unique ability to be constructed and deconstructed in a short time,  HXA cube offers a very easy and simple construction model where only one person can build it without disturbing the existing building or even introducing inconvenience to the occupants. This Ease and quickness of integration makes HXA cube a unique solution the best utilization of your workspace while at the same time, minimizing costs and stimulating innovation.

More Technologie

Air conditioning system

An air compact conditioning system that will raise the comfort levels of the occupants and therefore the overall job performance. A super-efficient system in terms of energy consumption


Whether it is needed as an office, relaxation space, meeting or interview room, HXA cube components are designed to be used for all scenarios. Its construction parts, technologies, visual presence can be customized to meet your needs and brand your experience specially in scenarios like reception areas or visitor centres.

Cellular system expandability

The Hexagon nature of HXA cube makes it an optimum solution for places with limited space as it can be constructed in a group of neighboring cells.

HXA Cube Gallery.


Environment Control System.

Our IoT based automation system allows you to control your room environment including lightning, heating, cooling, shading ,ventilation or any other room equipments such as projectors . This solution allows you to achieve the highest levels of comfort for occupants, save time, energy and create a modern automated environment through occupancy based control strategies and light optimization techniques. Everything with only one touch on your tablet, phone or notebook or using just your voice with the integrated speech recognition system . Perfect for those building a new workplace or undertaking a remodel.

Voices for the HXA Cube.

In my opinion, HXA Cube is the most innovative thing that can happen to the open space office. With the help of IoT technology, confidential conferences are a breeze.”

Thomas Birkner, Sennheiser

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