deHOSTED Exchange is the solution for modern teams.

Access emails, calendars, contacts, tasks, and notes from home, your work, or just on the go. The simple handling of the Exchange mailbox hosted in Germany makes it possible.

deHOSTED Exchange - more reliability and performance.

Microsoft Exchange is the world's most widespread groupware solution, which is highly scalable and redundant as the basic technology for deHOSTED Exchange.

Secure emails thanks to hosting in Germany.

deHOSTED Exchange wird in deutscher Hochsicherheitsrechenzentrumsverwaltung, welche geografisch von anderen gehören die internationalen Industriestandards, wie etwa ISO / IEC 27001 sichere Sicherheit und gehört.

deHOSTED Exchange is the most modern groupware solution for successful teams.

Intuitive operation and permanent synchronization for emails, addresses, appointments and tasks via Microsoft® Outlook®, Outlook on the web and mobile devices always enable professional communication. In addition, you can provide other team members with access to mailbox content at any time via user permissions. Data is stored via an A + certified, encrypted connection in two German high-performance data centers.

With the integrated NoSpamProxy Gateway solution, with proactive real-time protection, Hosted Exchange offers reliable protection against spam and malware, secure email encryption during transmission and simple, secure sending of large files. The deHOSTED Control Panel enables easy configuration of the Microsoft Exchange subscription and at the same time offers a variety of functions for managing all resources and components of the Exchange organization.

Working together.

Exchange is more than just email.

Make appointments, assign tasks! With deHOSTED Exchange you are always up to date in the team: You can share folders from your mailbox, entries from your calendar, contacts and notes with any number of employees or project participants and assign different user rights. So you, your employees and your business partners work together more effectively in a team!

We have upgraded Microsoft's Exchange.

Fax & Unified Messaging all in one mailbox.

Users can combine fax, voicemail, and other helpful features such as Outlook Voice Access and mailbox announcement rules use in one mailbox and access them via different devices.

  • Fax2Mail & Mail2Fax

  • Voicemail

  • Personal mailbox announcement

  • Voicemail preview

  • Outlook Voice Access

  • and much more

Be secure because your mailbox is it.

Professional Anti-Spam solution.

The NoSpamProxy® Protection integrated in deHOSTED Exchange guarantees you proactive real-time protection with an integrated zero-hour solution, which is based on proactive scanning of the Internet and the identification of massive spam and virus outbreaks. In contrast to signature-based methods, this solution detects virus outbreaks when they occur and can protect your mailbox from them in the first hour.

All over the world.

Your emails & calendar, anywhere on any device.

No matter which device you are using and where you are, deHOSTED Exchange gives you access to e-mail, contacts, calendars, and notes.

The consistently unified structure of the entire system enables uncomplicated operation and quickly gains acceptance in everyday work.

See more features.

Address book & contacts.

The personal address book is available via Outlook on the web, Outlook and on mobile devices. The fully automatic synchronization is carried out by the deHOSTED Exchange Service.

Control Panel.

Enables simple web-based administration of the deHOSTED Exchange subscription.

Outlook on the web.

Provides access to your emails, calendar and contacts in deHOSTED Exchange using a web browser.

Compliance mail archiv.

Archives your electronic correspondence completely true to the original and tamper-proof for many years in accordance with legal requirements. More information about email archiving

Public Folders.

Enable shared access and is a simple and effective way to collect, organize, and share information with other people in the workgroup or organization.

Tasks & operations.

Organize and schedule tasks quickly using Outlook on the web, Outlook or your mobile phone. Share or delegate tasks to employees on your team.

Personal mailbox archive.

Reduces mailbox size and can be controlled via your own archiving guidelines. Offers the possibility to access elements in the personal archive of Outlook on the web or Outlook regardless of location and via a full text search.

Unified Messaging.

Users can receive voice messages and listen to them through their email inbox. In addition, Outlook Voice Access can be used to interact directly with the mailbox by voice.


SSend and receive faxes directly via Outlook or Outlook on the web with your own fax number.


The Exchange Service synchronizes notes and note folders between the end devices.

Special functions.

Application Impersonation enables administrators and third-party applications to impersonate other users in an organization to perform tasks on behalf of those users.

Access & Devices

Access email, calendar, contacts and notes with all tools.



Outlook on the web



deHOSTED is a promise.

Six good reasons to use deHOSTED NoSpamProxy encryption solution!

End-to-end encryption.

Modern email encryption is essential to protect confidential information or data from unauthorized third parties, so that only the sender and recipient have access to the email.

Security Made in Germany.

Our deHOSTED NoSpamProxy Encryption encryption software for companies bears the seal "Security Made in Germany" and has been tested and checked by encryption experts worldwide.

Protection against attacks.

Growing threats from industrial espionage and automated mail screening by secret services require enhanced protection of the data transmitted online.

Protected data processing.

Required transparent provision and control over encrypted email traffic. Added to this is compliance with the rules and guidelines issued.

GDPR compliant.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into force on May 25, 2018, requires in Art. 32 Para. 1 that personal data be protected. The “pseudonymization and encryption of personal data” required by law also includes the secure transmission of personal data by email.

Defense tool.

Defense against the risk of penalty payments and personal liability as a manager in the event of violations of legal requirements.


NetTask #MDRN.WORK Blog.

Service & Support.

NetTask bietet eine große Auswahl an Supportoptionen für Kunden, die am Anfang Ihrer Reise in die Cloud stehen, bis hin zu Organisationen, die geschäftskritische, strategische Anwendungen auslagern.

Proof of Concept.

Der Proof of Concept zeigt Ihnen, wie die Anforderungen in Ihrem Unternehmen durch deHOSTED Cloud Services erfüllt werden, indem die Lösung in den definierten Bereichen produktiv zum Einsatz kommt.

Choose the plan that suits you best.

Business Plan

€ 0.00 monthly plus SAL

  • Subscription term: 12/24 months
  • Server location: Germany
  • Max. Exchange organizations: 1
  • Manageable mail domain per organization: 1
  • Storage per mailbox: 5GB
  • Max. Additional mailboxes: 25 SAL
  • Archive storage per mailbox: 500MB (only with Enterprise SAL)
  • Public folders: bookable via add-on
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Professional Plan

from € 79.99 monthly plus SAL

Our recommendation

  • Subscription term: 12/24 months
  • Server location: Germany
  • Max. Exchange organizations: 5
  • Manageable mail domain per organization: 5
  • Storage per mailbox: 25GB
  • Max. Additional mailboxes: 125 SAL
  • Archive storage per mailbox: 5GB (only with Enterprise SAL)
  • Public folders: 5 included
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Ultimate Plan

from € 249.99 monthly plus SAL

  • Subscription term: 12/24 months
  • Server location: Germany
  • Max. Exchange organizations: unlimited
  • Manageable mail domain per organization: 25
  • Storage per mailbox: unlimited
  • Maximum mailboxes that can be added: unlimited SAL
  • Archive storage per mailbox: 50GB (only with Enterprise SAL)
  • Public folders: 25 included
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SAL (Subscriber Access License): means an access license including software assurance.

Would you like advice from our experts?

NetTask experts will help you make the right product selection, design, and introduction deHOSTED Exchange Email solution hosted in Germany in your corporate environment.