A new era of work begins.

The era of global competition, digital transformation and a new generation of employees has long since begun.

Cloud service provider for modern work.

The era of global competition, digital transformation and a new generation of employees is already started since long time ago.

Modern work in daily life.

Regardless of the nowadays technology advancement, the E-mail services remain as the main communication medium in businesses. On the other hand, the number of terminals with which employees access their mailbox outside of the office and the core working hours is steadily increasing. In addition, there is a few formal communication channels such as chat and discussion forums, which allow a fast and spontaneous real-time exchange between employees.

Modern work requires the ability to flexibly assemble project teams based on the classification of capabilities. This assumes that teams can work together on project plans and documents at anytime and anywhere. A modern work environment encourages - the development of innovative production and business processes, so it helps to keep up with the pace of the globalized economy.

Vision and mission.

Our vision is to create a perfect harmony between work and leisure through a symbiosis of elemental, virtual and social working environments. At the same time, the elementary and virtual architecture must serve the purpose of the user. Modern work forms the basis for life as a self-organizing system of complex and highly differentiated dynamic processes that interact with each other.

Design ROOMS ... involve PEOPLE ... use TECHNOLOGY! The industrial age has always forced the people into a fixed and permanent job. The already started journey into a knowledge society now gives us the chance to change these unnatural conditions. The time has come - to create work environments in which spatially flexible and creative knowledge work can be done.

Our mission is to make sense. Businesses today cannot limit themselves to an accumulating capital. Through our employees and our network, we have the opportunity to change society. We see it as our mission to give young people an idea of how the world can function with all its complexity.

Success stories & satisfied customers.

Worldwide, we support customers from a wide variety of sectors in advancing their businesses through the efficient use of #MDRN.WORK solutions and successfully treading the path of digitization. In our case studies and reference projects our customers report their success stories and their cooperation with NetTask.

HXA Systems & Kanban4B

The #MDRN.WORK Revolution - Beginning of the Agile Office Era.

The time of agile methods has recently arrived and is no longer at home alone in the IT world. With HXA Systems and Kanban4B you can integrate this sustainable change into existing office environments.

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