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Modern room booking system enables more efficient work.

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Rooms for better teamwork - use room booking systems!

Successful collaboration increases the quality of the results! On average, teams consisting of single fighters are weaker compared to teams that work together.

For productive collaboration in your organization, it is necessary to provide your employees with the right working environment. In concrete terms, this means offering different working stations for different situations: for working alone, in teams or for conversation with customers. The meeting rooms is indispensable. In this situation, employees can conduct important teamwork, meetings or hold conversations with customers or partners. If you equip the room accordingly, the room could offer all the possibilities to jointly develop ideas, do efficient presentation or conduct productive team meetings. It is obvious that such an environment requires its own space. In today's open-space offices, such a quiet atmosphere are often not offered.

Inefficient room management as a cause for frustration in the team.

Unlike open workspace, meeting rooms needs more space. The concept of open workspace generally corresponds to a high utilization of "space" through the integration of many workstations. The short distance between the employees in the open workspace makes fast, uncomplicated communication possible, thus increasing the effectiveness of the team. However, the meeting room is just the opposite: a relatively large area must be kept ready for a few employees and may sometimes not be used at all. Meeting rooms are one of the biggest consumer of "space". In addition, if this space is badly organized - in worst case with several mutually incompatible systems - this can lead to the resource "space" remained unused. An invisible and inefficient room booking system can contribute to a frustration in your team.

A young man seat desperately in front of his laptop because there is no room booking systems to book a room for concentrate work.
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Cloud-based room booking system: Quick and easy to implement.

Greater efficiency and transparency in organizing room usage can be achieved with the help of modern room booking software. Through a completely cloud synchronized room management system, the employee who is currently sitting in the train can quickly and easily check whether the conference room is still available at noon today and accordingly schedule her appointments with customers and colleagues. She does not have to arrive first to the office to find out frustrated that she had to plan her appointments differently. This opportunity to easily book appointments and make them visible for all team members, improve the utilization of the room significantly. A clear overview of the room calendar for all employees can avoid tension in the team, as availability is recognizable and overlapped meetings could not occur.

The "HXA Room Calender Display System" offers all these functionalities, bridging the gap between digital and analog by being able to be used both by the App or physically on the existing digital door sign. Thus, the HXA system replaces the previously used papers at the meeting room door and the digital calendar with a uniform system. Without a complex setup process, the HXA system is offered to you as a simple plug and play system. Even the installation of the door display can be done without a manual assistance, because the 'HXA Room Calendar Display' is optionally supplied with a floor stand, which is can be placed in front of the meeting room.

The HXA Room Calendar App can be also downloaded from the Microsoft Store. Of course, existing services like Microsoft Exchange or Office 365 can also be used with the room booking system. Thus, your employees can easily operate the room booking software from anywhere and make their reservations. The compatibility of the 'HXA Room Calendar' with Outlook makes it easy for your team, as the team members will not waste time learning how to handle another (possibly non-intuitive) software. They simply continue to use the usual applications!

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