by Reza Sar Aslani

Is Skype for Business really End of Life?

In many communities is written that Skype for Business will be terminated. This based on a declaration from Microsoft some time ago. Microsoft will resign the customer which are using Skype for Business from the Office 365. The Support for „Skype for Business Online "will stop to the 31 July 2021. But there is no need to worry. We will clarify that – because the condemned live longer. 

Skype for Business is alive and will always be!

In the declaration Microsoft explained that to resign the Skype for Business Online contracts and to transfer the Skype for Business Online contracts to Microsoft Teams.  

Teams is the new solution from Microsoft for working agile. It is supposed to replace Skype for Business, but Microsoft Teams is only online available in the Microsoft Office 365 Cloud and it is not completely DSVGO compliant. Therefor there are some challenges to handle these conformities. As desired, we will counsel you which data you may process in Teams and how you should inform your customer and employees about the data handling or to get the consent of them. If all legal reasons are cleared, we support you to configurate and rollout Microsoft Teams. contact us here.

Nevertheless, the question that's coming up, if all Skype for Business customers are affected by the termination. It depends on which service you use. In this case you must separate the different services Skype for Business Online, Skype for Business Server or hosted Skype for Business. The good news is that all customer of Skype for Business or hosted Skype for Business as like deHOSTED Skype for Business could use it furthermore. Microsoft informed that the usage of Skype for Business Server is guaranteed to 14.10.2025. You could find this information in the official Website of Microsoft: “Microsoft Lifecycle Guidelines”. But the bad news is that the support for Skype for Business Online is terminated to 31.07.2021 (see figure).

Overview of Skype for Business Life Cycles
Product name Start date for lifecycle End date for lifecycle
Skype for Business Server 24.09.2018 14.10.2025
Skype for Business Online 01.05.2015 31.07.2021

Shift from Skype for Business Online to deHOSTED Skype for Business

To change from Skype for Business Online to Teams is not a one-way street, because there is the possibility to shift from Skype for Business Server or deHOSTED Skype for Business. The support for Skype for Business Server is guaranteed until 14.10.2025 therefor it is not necessary to use Teams.  

deHOSTED Skype for Business based on Skype for Business Server and it provide an ideal solution for a smooth shift. We would like to advise you to change from Skype for Business Online to deHOSTED Skype for Business. Please contact us for more information.

Working hybrid with Microsoft Teams and deHOSTED Skype for Business

Furthermore, Microsoft indicate that “in the two worlds of On-Premise Skype for Business Server and Teams in Office 365 will refine and the systems will work together” (CEO, Marco Rutzke, 2019). If you not sure on Skype for Business model or you want more information about using Teams and Skype for Business together in this case let us consult you. Please contact us here. 

Source: Microsoft Ignite 2017

All information provided is without legal guarantee and based only on the information available on the Internet and information from the software manufacturer / service provider. The information provided is only a snapshot. In case of doubt, your own research must always be carried out.

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